WWE Star Claims Triple H Turned Down Popular Group’s Return

Triple H WWE

A refusal from WWE boss Triple H has prevented a once-popular group from making their return to television.

During the “Pandemic Era” of WWE when shows took place in the ThunderDome environment for most of 2020 and into mid-2021, one of the most successful WWE groups was The Hurt Business on the Raw brand.

The Hurt Business was led by Bobby Lashley, who had reigns as the US Champion and WWE Champion while The Hurt Business was together. They also had veteran wrestlers Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander, who were the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) was the mastermind of the group who served as a manager/mentor who sometimes wrestled as well.

It was a group that was formed in mid-2020 as Lashley made a push to the main event level with MVP by his side. By January 2022, they had disbanded although there were numerous teases of a reunion.

After Triple H took over WWE as the Chief Content Officer in July 2022 and gained more power over the next two years, there were numerous reports about a possible Hurt Business comeback. It’s also something that Lashley talked about in interviews as well as MVP and Shelton Benjamin as well.

In a series of posts on Instagram, MVP responded to fans with interesting comments about how The Hurt Business didn’t make a comeback because Triple H said no to the idea.

Some of MVP’s comments are straight to the point like when he told one fan: “Triple H said no.” MVP also noted that Triple H has the power to fix it. MVP told another fan that the “current regime doesn’t want it” as another reference to Paul Levesque.

Could The Hurt Business ever come back? According to MVP: “It’s over. The powers that be made that clear.”

Where Are The Members Of The Hurt Business Now That Triple H Refuses To Bring The Group Back?

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is on the WWE Smackdown brand with The Street Profits and B-Fab in a group sometimes called The Pride, but WWE hasn’t pushed that name much.

Cedric Alexander is also on Smackdown where he’s part of a tag team with Ashante Thee Adonis. They aren’t being used much.

MVP has been paired with Omos for about two years. Omos isn’t featured on television much at all.

As for Shelton Benjamin, the man who started on WWE’s main roster way back in 2003, he was released last fall. Benjamin has also said he would go back to WWE if the opportunity arose.

While members of The Hurt Business may not be huge fans of Triple H’s decision to not bring back The Hurt Business, Hunter was called a “genius” by a former WWE star recently.