WWE Star Still Wants Hurt Business Return

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One WWE star is still hopeful for a Hurt Business reunion.

The Hurt Business proved to be one of the most successful acts during the pandemic era in WWE. MVP recruited Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander to dominate Raw, and for a time that’s exactly what they did.

Lashley captured the US Championship while Benjamin and Alexander became Raw Tag Team Champions during the group’s time together but The All-Mighty One eventually outgrew his teammates and threw Benjamin and Alexander out of the group.

Shelton Benjamin wants another Hurt Business run in WWE

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Shelton Benjamin opened up about wanting another run as part of The Hurt Business and wants the group to be able to perform in front of live fans:

“Definitely. First of all, I think they’re there. I think there are more books and novels for The Hurt Business. Personally, you know, because when things as all things do, when things fell apart I don’t think any of us were happy about it.

“Yeah, we did everything we could. It was above our pay grade, and our job is to perform. The decision-makers have made the decisions. Our job is to perform. So that’s what we do. But at the same time, it’s like, man, we really, really want it to just have that one time we can just walk out in front of an actual crowd. You know, because it’s one thing to know that what you’re doing is getting over when there’s no one around. You know, but we still felt it.

“So we wanted to you know, we all wanted to experience The Hurt Business in front of a live crowd. That’s what we work for, what we live for. Yeah, that adrenaline rush there’s, there’s nothing like it.”

Unfortunately for Shelton Benjamin, he may have to wait even longer for the group to ever get back together with Bobby Lashley now affiliated with The Street Profits on SmackDown.

Shelton Benjamin also discussed another time in his career that may have been as memorable as The Hurt Business but for very different reasons as WWE fans were introduced to Momma Benjamin.

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