WWE Star Reveals “I’m Not Healed”

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One WWE star is still months away from being cleared for action.

At SummerSlam, Asuka put her WWE Women’s Championship on the line against Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair in a huge triple threat match. Belair ended up winning the title despite suffering an apparent leg injury during the bout. That weakness did not go unnoticed and moments after winning the gold, Belair’s night turned to disaster as Bayley and IYO SKY stormed the ring.

The Damage CTRL pair took out Asuka and Flair on their way to SKY cashing in her Money In The Bank contract on Belair and winning the WWE Women’s Title for the first time in her career. There was a heartwarming moment after the match as the injured Dakota Kai joined the pair to celebrate the success. That led some to some warning if Kai was ready to return to competitive action, especially after she also appeared on SmackDown.

Is Dakota Kai close to WWE in-ring comeback?

Speaking on her Twitch stream, Dakota Kai explained the situation and it’s bad news for fans that want to see the star back in action:

“There’s a misconception with me being on SmackDown. I’m not healed. You’ll probably notice that I’m not really involved with anything that requires ‘activity.’ Let’s put it that way. I still have just under six months to go before I’m actually cleared.”

Another WWE star has recently given an update on their own injury situation with Sami Zayn revealing that he’s dealing with several issues.

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