WWE To Run Major Overseas Stadium Show

WWE WrestleMania 35 Stadium

WWE is heading to another overseas stadium for a huge show.

It has been a historic week for WWE following the takeover by Endeavor, and the company now merged with UFC under TKO Group’s banner. The merger has raised big questions about the future of the company with over 100 hundred employees let go in the days following its completion while the executive team in the company including WWE President Nick Khan has already touted the possibility of “all-star TKO weekends” that could see WWE and UFC events take place hand in hand.

Khan also mentioned that events could continue to take place with government subsidies and it looks like Western Australia is set to put its hand in its pocket.

Is WWE set to go Down Under?

According to a report attributed to The Sunday Times, the sports entertainment giant and the Western Australian government are set to announce a huge stadium show in the coming days. The event would take place in Perth’s Optus Stadium and looks set for early 2024 before the Australian Football League begins in March.

It has been noted that the stadium can accommodate 70,000 fans for concerts so there is certain to be great interest in the attendance announced by WWE should the event happen and if any amateur investigators will be searching for another figure from the City of Light’s council given the controversy over AEW All In’s attendance at Wembley Stadium.