Former WWE Star Details Steroid Use During His Wrestling Career

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A former WWE superstar has opened up about using steroids to improve his physique during his time as a pro wrestler.

When WWE fans think about Maven Huffman, they likely remember him as the first winner of the Tough Enough reality show in 2001. It would lead to a WWE contract that would see him use just his first name Maven during his wrestling career.

Maven worked for WWE from late 2001 until he was released in July 2005. While Maven only won the Hardcore Title three times during his WWE career, his career highlight was clearly eliminating The Undertaker in the 2002 Royal Rumble when Maven was a rookie.

Now at 46 years old, Maven has posted several entertaining YouTube videos talking about his WWE career, including how much he got paid while he worked there.

In a new YouTube video, Maven spoke about how he acquired and used steroids while also getting encouragement from a WWE Official.

“When I got to the WWE I actually have to be honest with you, I had never thought about taking steroids personally. Once I got there I immediately found that I was not going to be able to keep up without it.”

“I actually had one of the top officials come up to me and he didn’t outright say ‘Hey we’re going to need you to get on this.’ What he told me was ‘Have you thought about talking to some of the boys about that ‘creatine’ that they’re on. I asked around and said ‘Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing?’ They informed me ‘Yes you are.'”

Maven was proud when other WWE superstars could tell he was using steroids

As he continued, Maven spoke about talking to other wrestlers about using steroids.

“Was it something that people were shunned for? Actually no, but it’s not something that most guys would freely discuss with other guys. You could ask somebody maybe ‘Hey what are you on?'”

“And actually, anytime I was asked, somebody looked at me and asked ‘Hey what are you on’ I took that as a compliment. That was a point of pride because that told me that I was getting the results I was looking for.”

The video also featured Maven talking about how WWE drug testing worked in those days.

“I was only tested a few times for the entire year and in subsequent years I might have been tested once a month. Testing was simple. They would alert me about an hour ahead of when the test was going to be taken. They would be like ‘Hey Maven, meet so and so down at the training table.’ And we would go in and they’d hand me a cup I’d go into a stall, walk back, hand it to them and wouldn’t think twice about it.”

“A week later they’d come up to me and they’d tell me ‘Hey you know we got the results of your test back you’re good to go’ or ‘We got the results of your test back, don’t let anything get out of control.’ But never was I ever led to believe that my job was in jeopardy in any way.”

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