Maven Reveals How Much Money He Made In WWE Career

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Maven gave a detailed explanation into how much money he made as a midcard wrestler in WWE.

Maven is perhaps best known for being the first male wrestler to win the WWE Tough Enough reality show and for dropkicking the Undertaker out of the 2002 Royal Rumble match.

Maven’s career saw him wrestle on many tours, house shows, and PPVs over his three-year career. Because of how contracts were structured back then, the amount of money Maven made was based on many factors and sources that may not be available to today’s WWE superstars.

In a YouTube video discussing various aspects of his career, Maven broke down different stages of his earnings throughout his career.

Maven made well over $500,000 over his three-year WWE career and from royalties and other sources related to wrestling

Maven first noted that, after winning Tough Enough, he was given a downside guarantee of $50,000 per year, which meant that he earned that money no matter how much he wrestled or if he was injured.

However, the term “downside guarantee” is somewhat deceptive, because Maven said most wrestlers preferred getting paid by something called “paysheets.”

Whereas the downside guarantee offered security, paysheets offered the opportunity to earn much more based on a percentage of ticket sales for every show and based on card position.

This doesn’t take into account PPV bonuses, which Maven noted were pretty hefty.

“The most I ever made on a pay-per-view, I forget which one is, was $30,000.”

At the end of the video, Maven revealed exactly how much he made in a single year.

“How much did I make in my best year? Right around $430,000. That was my best year on pay sheets. That was a year I remained injury free, that was a year I was on one all the house shows, the overseas trips, pay-per-views, I had a good storyline. The writing staff really utilized me for the entire year.

The key to that is remaining injury free. The moment you get injured, the moment you go back to your downside guarantee, you don’t have the possibility of earning this much.”

Then, taking into account even more revenue streams including royalty checks from DVD sales, which were then reduced significantly once the WWE Network launched, Maven revealed the total amount he made as a wrestler.

“About $800,000”.

It’s worth noting that these figures are all pre-deduction amounts. They don’t take into consideration other expenses wrestlers must pay, including taxes, rental cars, hotel expenses, etc.

h/t Fightful