AEW All In Record Attendance Thrown Into Doubt

AEW All In MJF Adam Cole

Doubt has been cast on AEW’s claims over its attendance for All In.

No matter which way you slice it, All In was an unbridled success for AEW as they packed tens of thousands of fans into Wembley Stadium for the biggest show in the company’s five-year history.

During the show, Nigel McGuinness entered the ring to announce the official paid attendance as 81,035, giving the company the record for the biggest paid attendance at a wrestling show in history, a record that AEW and Tony Khan have since touted repeatedly.

However, things might not be that clear-cut in regard to the Wembley Stadium attendance.

AEW All In attendance might not be as it seems

A Freedom of Information was made to Brent Council – the local authority in which Wembley Stadium is situated – regarding the All In attendance and it confirmed the following in regards to numbers which passed through the turnstiles at the venue on the day:

“The actual numbers registered entering the Stadium through the turnstiles was 72,265 – this is reflective of what attended on the night and not the total number of tickets sold or no-shows etc.”

While the company may well have sold 81,035 tickets for the show, Brent Council’s response suggests that almost 10,000 fewer than that number actually passed into Wembley on the day of All In. Let the internet debates rage on.