WWE Staff Have “A Lot Of Sympathy” For Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

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Vince McMahon has led to WWE staff feeling very sympathetic towards Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

Vince McMahon retired from his roles in WWE in July 2022 under a cloud of sexual misconduct and hush money allegations. However, his time away from the company proved short-lived, and in January 2023 he used his leverage as majority owner to force his way back onto the Board of Directors before being appointed Executive Chairman.

On the same day as that appointment was made, Stephanie McMahon stepped down from her roles as Chairwoman and co-CEO and resigned from WWE completely. Triple H has overseen day-to-day creative as Chief Content Officer ever since but Vince McMahon’s power is believed to have been consolidated by the Endeavor takeover and he has been making changes to shows ever since.

With the merger of WWE and UFC now finalised a whole staff meeting was arranged after over 100 of the company’s employees had been let go.

What happened at the WWE staff meeting?

Vince McMahon is believed to have caused a lot of eye-rolling at the meeting as he noted that he felt WWE had stagnated and that is why the takeover by Endeavor was needed. This is despite WWE regularly touting record revenue numbers over the past year.

PWInsider has noted that as a result of McMahon’s comments and his actions in forcing his way back into the company, there was a lot of sympathy from staff towards Stephanie McMahon and Triple H who have been sidelined to one extent or another in his wake.

It was also noted that Triple H did not speak to staff from the stage during the meeting while Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel did. Emanuel and other company executives stayed behind to talk with staff once the meeting was over with the only exception being Vince McMahon who immediately left.