“A Monster Was Born” When Triple H Joined The Kliq

Triple H The Kliq

A former WWE star thinks Triple H turned into a “monster” when he got together with Shawn Michaels.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels’ friendship dates back to The Game’s early days in WWE when he joined up with The Heartbreak Kid, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman in the infamous backstage group, the Kliq.

Known for their backstage political maneuverings, all five men held prominent positions in WWE in the mid-nineties before Hall and Nash made a bolt for WCW and were soon joined by Waltman. As a result of their backstage wheeling and dealing, they were less than popular with many of their peers.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson explained that he knew Triple H both before and after he began hanging out with the Kliq and says something in him changed:

“At first when I met Triple H, he wasn’t a member of the Kliq. When he was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, he was great. He guided me through a couple of matches. You know, like when we were in the ring, he told me what we should do.

“I listened to him and did it and it helped get me over, but then after he got with the Kliq, oh Jesus, you talked about a monster being born. He wasn’t himself anymore. He wasn’t himself. He didn’t talk to the boys or hang out with the boys. He just wasn’t himself anymore. He became Shawn Michaels’ little Kliq and that was it. He let Shawn do all the dirty work for him.”

Triple H has plenty of reason to celebrate

The WWE takeover by Endeavor has now been finalised and the corporate shake-up has seen Triple H’s bank account become a whole other monster if nothing else.

There was no place on TKO Group’s Board of Directors for The Game but the takeover has netted him a $5 million bonus, which is small change next to what new WWE President Nick Khan received.