Kevin Nash Says “There’s No Upside” To CM Punk Back In WWE

Kevin Nash CM Punk

Kevin Nash has ripped apart any idea CM Punk should be anywhere near WWE.

CM Punk is of course no longer part of AEW after he was fired following his part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In. That has led to speculation that Punk could one day make a sensational return to WWE but WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has poured an ocean worth of cold water on that idea.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash had a lot to say about CM Punk and none of it was particularly favourable for the former AEW star. He started began by addressing the rumours that Punk wanted a WWE return in the 2023 Royal Rumble:

“Please do motherfu**er because I’ll ask Paul [Levesque] to put me in that bi*ch. I’ll be on the horn tomorrow to see if we can make that happen. Sucker Punch me skinny fat boy. I apologize to the Waffle House at this point in my career for actually calling him a short order Waffle House cook. My bad. F**k you Phil. Yeah, I always like my wrestlers to have birthing hips.”

As far as any suggestion that CM Punk could return to WWE when Survivor Series takes place in Chicago this November, that’s not one that Kevin Nash wants to entertain either:

“Selling that fu**ing company for 9 billion bucks, boy what you need on a ship that’s fu**ing sailing on fu**ing crystal clear water is some fu**ing a**hole to fu**ing stir sh*t.

“Go back and watch the promo that fu**ing Triple H cuts on him and he’s sitting in the chair. He says ‘The problem with you is you’re just like me’ and he just, it’s fu**ing gold. Anybody out there, look up the Triple H – CM Punk promo where Punk is sitting in the chair and Punk, with his fu**ing, what was that thing he used to give everybody? A pipe job.

“I think he wanted to give Paul a pipe job so he’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll give you a pipe job’, or whatever the fu** his gimmick was. Then he said, ‘I got a fu**ing Pepsi tattoo and Paul said, ‘Go fu** yourself’, and he beat him, after ‘Taker beat him, after everybody else, because everybody just beats the fu**ing guy.”

Kevin Nash then explained what he thinks Triple H and Vince McMahon should tell him should CM Punk approach them about a deal and thinks Punk has put himself in the same bracket as the notorious Ultimate Warrior:

“Sorry, dude. He’s already put himself on the mantle right next to the Ultimate Warrior. Go shake the ropes buddy. You’re punching Luke Perry’s son. Your’e lucky fu**ing old man Spelling ain’t around. He’d have you f**king murdered. What’s the upside? Get the fu** out of here. There’s no upside.”

Kevin Nash on CM Punk – “One of the seven worst bodies ever to fu**ing hold the belt”

Nash then went back to his issues surrounding CM Punk and wanted to make sure he gave AEW and Tony Khan their props for filling Wembley Stadium and expressed his disgust that the achievement was overshadowed by Punk’s drama:

“To go back, can we say something first that hasn’t been addressed? How about fu**ing a round of applause for fu**ing AEW and Tony for fu**ing putting 80,000 seats in Wembley, for the fu**ing crew that went out there, including Punk and Joe, went out there and fu**ing had a hell of a fucking show top to bottom.

“My biggest fu**ing thing is instead of that fu**ing being a monumental fu**ing moment for that company, I mean, what comes out on Monday is the CM Punk story. That’s sh*ts on top of that whole, I mean, Jericho did a job for Ospreay. I mean like, come on, man. Like, all the sh*t that happened that night and all the work that was put into it and no one is talking about the card.

“Then you ask me fu**ing if they should bring Punk in? Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I want is to put fu**ing 90,000 people in the SoCal Arena over two nights at WrestleMania and then fu**ing come Monday morning, have the fu**ing talk be about some co**sucker who’s probably got one of the seven worst bodies ever to fu**ing hold the belt, if not the worst body, ever to hold the belt. and I don’t give a fu** if you’re straight edge or whatever the fu** you are, there’s some fu**ing natural guys in this fu**ing world that actually have fu**ing some muscle.”

CM Punk and Kevin Nash were infamously part of a feud back in 2011 after Nash attacked the then-WWE Champion after that year’s SummerSlam main event. That allowed Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money In The Bank on Punk to win the title.

Although a match between the two men was called off due to health issues surrounding Nash their back and forths on WWE television did lead to the memorable line uttered by Punk quoting his sister’s text message “Kevin Nash LOL I thought he was dead.” The bad blood obviously has not subsided.