Vince McMahon Said WWE Had “Stagnated” Before Merger

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon received a lot of eye rolls at a recent company meeting.

As of September 12th, WWE has officially merged with UFC under parent company Endeavor to form TKO Group Holdings. The takeover was met with great fanfare at the New York Stock Exchange and has resulted in massive bonuses for Nick Khan, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and other WWE executives.

The morale among staff was said to be “decimated” following the mass layoffs, and a staff meeting was scheduled to take place on September 19th.

Fightful Select has offered some more insight into what was said at the meeting and revealed that Vince McMahon told staff that WWE had plateaued or stagnated and the merger was necessary to take the company to the next level.

This statement was said to have been met with “a lot of eye rolls” given that WWE has recently been touting record-breaking numbers and revenue. This also only reaffirmed the belief among many that the merger was pursued to ensure Vince McMahon could return to his role as the head of the company following his short-lived retirement.

What is Vince McMahon’s role following WWE takeover?

Vince McMahon was installed as Executive Chairman of WWE in January 2023 after he retired from his role as Chairman in July 2022.

Following the takeover by Endeavor, McMahon’s power has been consolidated as he is now Executive Chairman of TKO Group which oversees both WWE and UFC.