Kevin Nash Could Be Behind Vince McMahon/Randy Savage Fall Out

May 20th - On This Day In Wrestling History

Kevin Nash has given a new theory behind the deterioration in the relationship between Vince McMahon and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Randy Savage is one of the most iconic wrestlers of the 1980s and 1990s. However, he has been mentioned very little in WWE since leaving in the mid-1990s, and wasn’t inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame until 2015, four years after his death.

With Savage’s name and legacy not being brought up as actively as many of his contemporaries like Hogan, Andre, and others, some have wondered if there was something exceptionally cutting in the relationship between Savage and Vince McMahon that caused WWE to basically blacklist Savage for a decade.

Many theories have emerged over the decade, with one of the most salacious being allegations of Savage having an inappropriate relationship between Savage and Stephanie McMahon.

However, Kevin Nash thinks that it could be something far less scandalous.

Kevin Nash thinks that his work with a commercial may have played a role in Randy Savage turning his back on Vince McMahon

While discussing wrestlers doing non-wrestling appearances like films and commercials with co-host Sean Oliver on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin theorized that things fell apart between Savage and McMahon due to the former’s memorable Slim Jim commercials.

According to Oliver, Vince took a cut of wrestlers’ commercials, and when Savage left WWE for WCW, he took the Slim Jim deal with him at first.

Nash then argued that Vince and WWE tried to replace Savage with Nash in the commercial, but something wasn’t right.

“Oliver: Lanny [Poffo] told me one of the reasons Vince had the ongoing problem with Macho was when he left, he took the account with him.

Nash: I had a lot to do with that. They came to me, because I was the champion, and we did a Slim Jim commercial. When we were wrapping things up, I was talking to the execs, and I said, ‘Man, I’m not the guy. This is synonymous with Randy. You should stick with Randy.’

Oliver: Vince should have the heat with you.

Nash: On my son’s urn, I said, ‘You should stay with Randy.’

Oliver: That’s kind of a monumental thing because it led to long-term heat wit Macho and Vince.

Nash: Oops, I thought I was doing Macho a favor. He’s up there looking down on me going, ‘Nash, you always had my back.'”

h/t Fightful