Jim Ross Says Randy Savage “Almost Wanted To Fight” Him In WWE

Randy Savage Jim Ross

Macho Man Randy Savage is regarded as one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time but Jim Ross has explained what it was like trying to work with the man who he describes as “paranoid all the time.”

Jim Ross joined WWE in the spring of 1993, a time when Savage’s on-screen career saw him primarily sitting at the announce desk rather than still competing in the ring.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed his duties in booking talent for in-studio promos shortly after he joined the company and Randy Savage’s adverse reaction to being called in for them:

“Great pain in the ass. A magnificent pain in the ass. Randy Savage cornered me one day and almost wanted to fight because he thought I was taking advantage of his time when it was orders from headquarters that we wanted to use Savage. That’s Vince’s deal, but he didn’t tell Randy, so Randy found out he was doing some promos for markets that didn’t even have live events, but I was under the orders of the chairman [Vince McMahon]. Savage had a screw loose anyway. Very talented. Very, very talented. Very unique, but he was very, I won’t say weak. He was insecure as hell.”

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Jim Ross then explained what life was like beside Randy Savage at the announce desk, something the AEW announcer says was no picnic:

“Working with Savage was not easy. It really wasn’t. Again, he’s paranoid all the time. He didn’t trust anybody. ‘Why did you say that? What did you say? What did you mean by that? Shut up. God damn it. It’s pro wrestling. Hell, I don’t know what I meant. Do you know what you meant? That was not fun.”