WWE SummerSlam Breaks Record For Highest Non-WrestleMania Gate

WWE summerslam detroit 2023 battle royal

WWE had their most successful SummerSlam in history.

In an official statement by the company, a gate of $8.5 million makes the 2023 Premium Live Event the highest earning in history aside from WrestleMania. Despite WWE being known for inflating their figures, the true gate value is also a record breaker.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed one tactic the company uses to make its gate value seem higher than it is. Even though the true figure is half a million dollars lower, it still is a record-breaking event:

SummerSlam did break the record for the largest gate aside from a WrestleMania and it beat most WrestleManias as well. They announced $8.5 million. When they announce gates, they do it differently from other people because they include the Ticketmaster service charge. So not including that, the number is probably closer to $8 million, which is still a giant number. Again, I’m sure that the record for Clash at the Castle, which was $8.1 million did include ticket charges. So therefore this beat it.

Meltzer continued, outlining the success of the biggest party of the summer in regards to TV viewership, with the event at Ford Field being the second most watched PLE in history, only being beaten by WrestleMania 39:

It would have beaten the Rumble, it beat Clash at the Castle so it beat everything but a WrestleMania. The total viewers on Peacock made it the most-watched, not only the most-watched SummerSlam in history which is what they were bragging about on TV, in the United States. But also, the most watched WWE pay-per-view, major event, whatever you want to call it, in history with the exception of the 2 days at WrestleMania. It was the third largest of all time, it beat the Rumble, it beat every other WrestleMania apart from this year, the number is over 2 million viewers. So a giant number for SummerSlam.

Which Match Main Evented WWE SummerSlam?

The final match of the Detroit-hosted event saw Roman Reigns defeat Jey Uso in Tribal Combat, where the Undisputed Universal Championship and the title of Tribal Chief were at stake. Reigns won the match following Jimmy Uso shockingly betraying his brother Jey, causing The Bloodline’s former Right Hand Man to lose.

Following the main event, it has since been reported that Roman Reigns got hurt during the championship match.