Roman Reigns Rules At SummerSlam

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is still The Tribal Chief following a betrayal at SummerSlam.

The superlatives to describe Roman Reigns’ dominant reign as WWE Universal Champion are beginning to run out after he picked up another huge – and probably the most personal – win of his career.

The Bloodline group began to fall apart in January at the Royal Rumble when Sami Zayn had enough of being doubted by Roman Reigns before slamming a chair into his back. Jimmy Uso was the next of the group to realise that Reigns might be more concerned about himself rather than his family when he dropped Reigns with a super kick at Night of Champions which allowed Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship against Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

Jey Uso eventually made his decision as well and sided with his twin brother, turning his back on Roman Reigns as The Bloodline completely collapsed. Jey Uso became the first man in three and a half years to pin Reigns when The Usos defeated Reigns and Sikoa at Money In The Bank.

That led to Jey Uso challenging Roman Reigns in the main event of SummerSlam for the WWE Universal Championship but the stakes were raised higher when the role of Tribal Chief was also put on the line with the two men engaging in Tribal Combat.

Tribal Combat meant anything goes and it wasn’t long before weapons came into play with a kendo stick, chairs, and tables all taking their toll on both men. Solo Sikoa made his presence felt when Reigns and Uso made their way through the crowd, as he drove his older brother through a table.

While continuing the beating on Uso, Reigns inadvertently nailed Sikoa with a spear and it seemed like Reigns’ enforcer was none too thrilled about that. Jey Uso took out Sikoa with a splash through a table before nailing a splash on Roman Reigns but as the referee was about to count three, disaster struck.

Jey Uso was pulled from the ring by a hooded figure who then revealed themselves to be Jimmy Uso. Jimmy Uso super kicked his brother in the face before leaving him to Roman Reigns who then picked up another win.

What next for Roman Reigns in WWE?

Reigns continues marching on toward the next milestone as WWE Universal Champion which he’ll hit if he surpasses 1,237 days as champion which was how long Bruno Sammartino spent as WWE Champion back in the seventies.

As far as The Usos are concerned, it looks like it could be time for the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions to finally go their separate ways. As for Solo Sikoa, it doesn’t look like he’ll forget that spear anytime soon, one thing is for sure, the issues in The Bloodline are far from over.