WWE Star’s Role In Faction “To Be Determined”

Imperium vs Brawling Brutes WWE

As well as The Bloodline, one other WWE faction is seeing cracks form in its previously solid foundations.

After dominating both NXT UK and NXT, Gunther arrived on SmackDown in April 2022 with Ludwig Kaiser by his side. Then at Clash at the Castle that September, the duo was joined by Giovanni Vinci to reunite as Imperium.

The trio has been a feared force on the blue brand ever since. However, on the July 10th edition of Raw, Vinci and Kaiser were defeated byDrew McIntyre and Matt Riddle, with Vinci being pinned by the Scottish Warrior.

Afterward, Kaiser and Gunther left their fallen ally at ringside, prompting speculation about his place in the group.

During an interview with Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, the Austrian star addressed the situation, saying it’s up to Vinci to make up for his failings.

“Well, that’s to be determined, I guess, how things go. Especially us in Imperium, everybody in there wants to be the absolute elite and wants to be at the absolute top.

“Sometimes, when you fail to deliver that, there are consequences for that, and it’s on you to make up again for that situation. So far, this hasn’t happened. We haven’t seen Gio in action since then. But that’s the situation right now.

“It’s not about personal or any other emotional stuff. It’s about the performance in the ring. It’s about the results. When the results are positive, the relationship is positive, and when they are negative, then everything else is negative as well.”

Turning to the possibility of adding a female member to Imperium, the star says there are no plans, but if he had to choose then it would be Charlotte Flair or IYO SKY.

“We get asked often if we want additional members or something. I think no, we’re good how we are. But I think if we have to choose someone, I think it would either be IYO or Charlotte, I would think.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.