WWE Stars Cleanse Title Belts Of “Curse”

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belts

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are cursed no more.

As seen on Chelsea Green’s TikTok, partner Piper Niven is seen applying sage spray and various other items to the titles to make sure that no one who is in possession of them will be the victim of an injury.

Revealing this to only be half of the ritual, Niven gave an update to the WWE Universe on social media, showing the championships surrounded by protective chalk and crystals.

With Green seemingly questioning her partnership with Niven at first, the champions seem to be slowly bonding following a series of social media updates and a win on the August 21st episode of Raw. The champions are not quite Adam Cole and MJF levels of best friends just yet, but with time this may become a possibility for the champions.

Why Are The WWE Women’s Tag Tiltes Cursed?

Despite only being in circulation since 2019, the championships have already been vacated twice and have seen quick title changes take place as one of the partners has received an injury to put them on the shelf for a lengthy period of time.

The first sudden ending of a title reign took place in April 2022 when Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of the arena and left the championships on the desk of John Laurinatis, reportedly expressing creative frustration regarding the titles.

Approximately one year later, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez would be stripped of the titles due to an injury sustained by Morgan, with new champions Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler also working with minor injuries while holding the championships. Upon Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville capturing their first titles in the company, Deville suffered an ACL tear 2 weeks later, putting her out of action until further notice.