WWE Star Supports The Rock After Reports Of Backstage Unrest

The Rock promo on WWE SmackDown

One WWE star has professed their love for The Rock’s promos.

After dipping his toes back into the world of WWE in late 2023 and January 2024, The Rock has been a regular on SmackDown since February 2nd.

In an already infamous moment, Cody Rhodes moved aside to let The Great One challenge Roman Reigns, but after significant backlash, plans were reset. This means Rhodes will face Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title after teaming with Rollins to face Rock and Reigns on night one of WrestleMania.

The fallout from February 2nd also saw The Rock decide to turn heel, and he’s been firing on all cylinders ever since.

As well as featuring regularly on SmackDown, Rock has cut a series of promos on social media blasting Rhodes and Rollins with a healthy dose of expletives thrown in. However, this reportedly hasn’t gone down well with everyone in the locker room. According to a new report, many are frustrated that The Rock is allowed to swear in his social media promos, where they’re instructed to remain family-friendly.

The report adds that some stars feel that he should be “playing by the same” rules as everyone else, despite his incredible star power.

In response to the report, Dijak took to social media to declare he’s still a fan of The Great One.

Don’t worry @TheRock, I love your profanity filled promos. They are very inspirational to the next generation of sh*t-talkers in WWE.

The Rock’s WWE Schedule Becoming Clearer

While it was initially presumed the Hollywood star would only be competing at WrestleMania, a recent report claimed there was a feeling The Rock would wrestle multiple times in 2024.

However, he does look set to take a break in the coming months. It’s been reported that The Rock will be filming for new movie about MMA legend Mark Kerr between May 1st and August 1st, seemingly ruling WWE appearances during the period.