WWE Star Set To Be “Better Than Originally Thought”

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After only a handful of appearances since signing with the company, one star is finally being praised for his progress.

Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson became WWE’s first NIL signee back in late 2021, and hopes were high that the star would follow in the footsteps of Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey, and Brock Lesnar when it came to translating his skills to in-ring performance. In fact, Steveson was drafted to Raw as part of the 2021 WWE Draft despite not having any matches under his belt.

Aside from a handful of appearances that include confronting Chad Gable at WrestleMania 38, Steveson hasn’t played a part in WWE programming since his highly-vaunted signing, at least until a recent appearance on NXT. His brother Damon Kemp has played a regular role on NXT television for some time now, first as part of the Diamond Mine and now on his own after splitting from the group. On the June 20th episode, Steveson appeared in a backstage segment, offering to train Eddy Thorpe for his upcoming Raw Underground fight against Kemp.

On the June 27th episode, Steveson and Thorpe were shown training together, and Steveson agreed to be ringside for the Underground fight next week.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Steveson’s training progress, as well as the fact that he’s preparing to compete in 2023 World Wrestling Championships in September on his way to training for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. According to Meltzer, prospects for the star are once again high and he’s expected to do better in WWE than many thought originally.

“He’s in now, which is really weird because he’s going to be around and he still has those world championships in September and all those guys in the world championships are like training. Even though he beat all those guys in America, some of those guys in the world championships have beaten the guys in America. He’s complete freak….I have heard from people who say that Gable is picking things up and he’s gonna be better than a lot of people originally thought.”

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