WWE Star Using Same Theme Song As Another Wrestling Talent

Triple H At WWE Gorilla Position

One WWE star’s new theme song is already being used for another talent on TV.

Following a friendship forming with Jacy Jayne, Thea Hail showed off her new look and new attitude on the September 26th episode of NXT. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson were seen in the backstage area discussing how they were concerned about Hail as she was not answering their messages. The Chase U members ran into Jayne, who introduced the new and improved Hail.

Later in the night, Jayne introduced Hail complete with new entrance music. On commentary, Booker T compared the transformation to Miley Cyrus moving away from her Hannah Montana persona. The glow-up proved to be effective as Hail defeated Dani Palmer on NXT. However, for some fans, it was the new music that made them take notice as it sounded very familiar.

WWE takes Thea Hail’s music from IMPACT star

Many fans noted online that Hail’s new music – titled Raised In Hell – is the exact same theme song used by Jody Threat in IMPACT Wrestling.

Threat began working with IMPACT Wrestling in the spring of 2023 and since then she has challenged – albeit unsuccessfully – for both the IMPACT Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team Championship. She most recently appeared on the 31st of August edition of IMPACT as part of the battle royal to find a new number one contender for the Knockouts Title, however, she has since filmed matches for the promotion that are yet to air.

Although unusual there is nothing stopping WWE from using the song and there is no dispute between the companies over the use of it.