Booker T Names AEW Star As The Most Underrated In Pro Wrestling History

Booker T

Booker T believes that Christian Cage does not get the admiration that he deserves.

Even though Cage has wrestled for all of the major companies in the United States and was involved in the TLC matches that changed the industry, the veteran often does not get the same praise as fellow competitors such as Edge and The Hardys. With Christian Cage now reigning as the TNT Champion in AEW, Booker T feels this is long overdue.

Speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, the 6-time World Champion commented on the recent title win and how it is validation for the wrestling veteran who is still performing today:

“It’s huge for Christian to be that guy because I always said Christian was the most underrated superstar in the history of the business. I’ve always said that. He’s always been extraordinarily good. He’s a guy that you can count on to pretty much make the right decision every time in the middle of that square circle.”

Having been in the ring with the new TNT Champion, the former King of the Ring described how easy it was to have a match with the AEW star:

“I would tell Christian, ‘Bro, just let me know what I’m doing tonight,’ and he would let me know exactly when I was going to do the side kick, the scissor kick, and the Spinaroonie. It would be perfect timing, and I would ask no questions. Sometimes you gotta know how to just be quiet and let someone else do the work for you and you take the credit. That’s the guy that we’re talking about as far as Christian Cage,”

Booker T Praises Wrestling Legends

The Hall of Famer has been very complimentary of veteran performers who have been having matches in 2023. A fellow Hall of Famer who returned to the ring this past year was Trish Stratus, who ended her rivalry with Becky Lynch at Payback. Booker T praised Stratus’ performance at Payback and how the former Women’s Champion still has so much love for the business.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.