WWE Star Reveals How The Undertaker Became A Mentor To Them

The Undertaker

The Undertaker may not be on WWE TV anymore but for one current star, the legend has become a “constant voice” helping them make sense of their career.

Omos has not been featured on WWE television since losing to Seth Rollins at Backlash in May but the giant star was the talk of the wrestling world heading into WrestleMania 39 when he was the somewhat unexpected opponent for Brock Lesnar.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Omos explained how he got prepared for that bout with Lesnar with help from The Undertaker, going on to say the legendary WWE Hall of Famer has become something of a constant presence for him:

“He has become a voice in my mind. When I’m wrestling, I think, what would Undertaker do, what would he say? I get told what to do on TV and I’m processing it with what The Undertaker told me. Would he do this? He said to do it this way. He has become my special advisory.”

Omos also opened up about his relationship with on-screen partner MVP and says the former US Champion isn’t shy about being candid with how he sees things:

“With MVP, we ride together. House shows, on tour. It’s like a big brother little brother relationship. He has helped me a lot, he doesn’t hold his tongue, he tells you how he feels about everything. He’s a terrible liar. If I ask if I’m good, he gives me feedback and has been a lot of help in my development as well.”

Although it seems that Brock Lesnar is set for a huge SummerSlam showdown with Cody Rhodes, it remains to be seen what WWE’s plans going forward with Omos will entail.