Ex-WWE Star Blasts “Knock Off Barbie” Tiffany Stratton

tiffany stratton wwe ropes

Tiffany Stratton has come under fire from an unlikely source.

In a post on social media, Natalya praised Ash By Elegance for her Swanton Bomb, commenting that she was proud of the TNA star. In response, a fan claimed Tiffany Stratton’s version of the move was “far better,” something that didn’t go down well with Ash.

Ash By Elegance who is better known by her WWE ring name Dana Brooke, then accused Stratton of stealing everyone’s moves and gimmicks, calling her a “knock-off Barbie.”

Funny thing is I’ve been doing it for years & she loves to steal everyone’s moves & gimmicks … knock off Barbie… –

Ash By Elegance signed with WWE back in 2013 and remained with the company until she was released in September 2023. Following her departure, the former 24/7 Champion signed with TNA.

Commenting on her release, NXT announcer Booker T said the former Dana Brooke had plenty of chances to get over in WWE, but fans never truly got behind her.

Tiffany Stratton Earning Praise In WWE

Tiffany Stratton joined WWE in 2021 and went on to become NXT Women’s Champion before being called up to SmackDown. The star’s most eye-catching performance to date came at Elimination Chamber where fans loudly got behind her, long before she even entered the match.

It was reported after the event that WWE was surprised by fans’ support of Tiffany Stratton, but the company was now expecting the reactions to continue.