WWE Officials Surprised By Crowd Reactions For Rising Star

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The fan support for a rising WWE SmackDown star has surprised people within the company.

During Tiffany Stratton’s WWE career so far, she has been portrayed as a cocky wrestler that thinks she is better than others. While Stratton continues to try to prove that she’s the best at everything she does, she is not the kind of character that is appealing to the fans.

On WWE SmackDown in Glendale, Stratton picked up a huge win by beating Naomi in a clean manner. Stratton won with her Prettiest Moonsault Ever move, which is a triple jump to the top rope leading to a moonsault into a pin.

What was interesting about the match is that Stratton was cheered a few times and there were “Tiffy Time” chants because that’s something that Stratton says in promos and during matches.

It has been reported by Fightful Select that the fan reactions to Stratton have surprised many people within WWE. It was added that the company is anticipating those reactions more going into shows now.

Fans Chanted For Tiffany Stratton At WWE Elimination Chamber

At the Elimination Chamber PLE in Perth during the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match, Tiffany Stratton entered the match third and pinned Naomi during the match. Stratton lasted over 22 minutes in the match before she was pinned by Liv Morgan.

What was also interesting during the Women’s Elimination Chamber match is that there were “We Want Tiffy” chants while Stratton was in the chamber waiting to get into the match. The fan support for Stratton was posted on WWE’s Instagram page showing that Stratton loved the chants.