Booker T Says Ex-WWE Star Had Plenty Of Chances To Get Over

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Booker T has come to the defence of WWE.

Dana Brooke was released by WWE on September 21st, 2023 bringing to an end her ten-year run with the company. During her time with the sports entertainment giant, Brooke had spells on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT but failed to capture championship gold outside of the 24/7 Title.

Brooke has since joined TNA Wrestling, competing under the name Ash by Elegance. Discussing her WWE exit, Dana Brooke recently claimed that the company never fully believed in her which limited her success.

However, speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, NXT announcer Booker T had a very different viewpoint.

“I think [she] had a multitude of chances to actually get over. I think it was more so — I don’t know. I think the fans really never got behind Dana Brooke. I thought Dana Brooke had a lot of chances to actually get over with the fans. That’s what I always talk about, as far as people looking for the company to write something for them, looking for the company to give them the ball and let them do this and win the title and all that kind of stuff.

I always thought, you make the company write for you by going out there and making the fans come out of their damn seats. That’s the way I think you get put in that position. I don’t think you just get put in that position because this person should have a turn, this person should have a turn, and this person should have a turn.

It’s not like Pop Warner where everybody gets a trophy. It’s not like just because you’ve been around, you should be in a certain position. I think your work determines what position you achieve. That’s just me. I could be wrong, but that’s the way I’ve always looked at this business.”

Booker T A Big Fan Of AEW Star

During the same episode, Booker T threw his support behind AEW’s Toni Storm. The WWE Hall of Famer praised her “Timeless” persona, explaining that while it’s built on silliness and being over the top, it’s not “hokey.”

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