Ex-WWE Star Comments On Exit: “It’s Not A Fun Place To Work”

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An ex-WWE star pulled no punches when discussing their time with the company.

While Eric Young hoped to improve on his previous run with WWE when he returned to the company in November 2022, things didn’t turn out as planned. Despite being back on board with the sports entertainment giant, Young never appeared on television and requested his release in April 2023.

During a recent new interview with Nick Hausman, Eric Young confirmed he left WWE after refusing to work with Vince McMahon. Continuing on the star said that WWE simply isn’t a fun place to work.

“I think most people that work there will tell you, it’s not a fun place to work, it just isn’t, especially if you love professional wrestling,” the former SAnitY leader later added. “It’s the goal, it’s the big dog in the hunt, it’s the megacity, it’s, however you want to say it, the end all be all. The truth is, that’s what I thought most of my life I wanted, most of my young life.

But being a person that has accomplished 10 times what he ever thought he would in wrestling and getting to dictate my life and dictate my career at this point, it was a very easy decision. The only part I regret is not being able to work with some of the people there, not be able to work with Hunter again.

There’s bucket list things there that I’m not going to lose sleep over, but it surely would have been cool to check them off the list.”

Eric Young Turned Down AEW Following WWE Exit

After leaving WWE, Young returned to IMPACT Wrestling where he’d previously enjoyed a great deal of success. However, he almost ended up in a very different destination.

Speaking in the same interview with Hausman, Young noted that he turned down AEW to return to IMPACT. The star candidly admitted that he would have only got lost in the shuffle in AEW, making his decision an easy one.