WWE Star Dismisses WrestleMania In Depressing London

WWE WrestleMania Logo over London

Despite thinking it’s a cool idea, WWE star Grayson Waller has no interest in seeing WrestleMania go to London.

At Money In The Bank 2023 in the UK, John Cena made a surprise appearance and led calls for London to be a future host of WrestleMania. The idea has recently gained more traction with London Mayor Sadiq Khan announcing he wants the city to host the first international WrestleMania.

However, not everyone is on board with the event being hosted in England’s Capital. During an interview with the Daily Star, Grayson Waller branded the city “depressing” and thinks the Showcase Of The Immortals should head to his home country of Australia instead.

“I’m not a political guy, I don’t really pay attention to politics, especially in other countries. I presume this brother was struggling a little bit, so he was doing whatever he could to get re-elected.

“You know, I think the idea of WrestleMania in London’s cool, but I just don’t think it’s something that I want to do, that most of the wrestlers want to do.

“I’ve been to London. it’s a depressing place, and I think WrestleMania in London would be a very depressing WrestleMania. We don’t want that. So, its Sadiq, right? Well, I think you’re an idiot and WrestleMania in Australia is going to be much better!”

Triple H Responds To London Mayor’s Call For WrestleMania

Triple H responded to Sadiq Khan’s announcement that he wants WrestleMania to be held in London. The Game simply told the Mayor, “Let’s Talk.” He’s since elaborated on the comment, saying that if any mayor or other leader wants WWE in their area, they should reach out to the company.