WWE Sources Refute LA Knight Contract Rumors, Cite Money Issues

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WWE sources detail why LA Knight isn’t as close to signing a new contract as previously reported.

LA Knight has captured the hearts of WWE fans across the globe, and his popularity is reflected in massive ovations from the WWE Universe and in his impressive merchandise sales. Still, until recently, fans were left frustrated when WWE didn’t seem to share their enthusiasm for the star.

Knight’s fortunes seemed to take a turn when he won a battle royal at SummerSlam, eliminating Sheamus in the match’s final confrontation. At WWE Payback, he took on The Miz in singles action with John Cena serving as special guest referee, and after securing a victory over the host of MizTV, Knight received an endorsement from Cena.

It was recently reported that, despite previous hesitation, WWE now sees LA Knight as the top babyface on SmackDown going forward. A report from PWInsider Elite indicated that WWE had been waiting for Knight to commit to a new contract before pushing the star in earnest, and that a new deal was close to being completed if not already signed. Some sources believed the deal to be as long as five years.

Has LA Knight Signed A New WWE Contract?

However, an update from Fightful Select reveals that sources within WWE are hitting back at claims that LA Knight has already committed to a new deal. According to the new report, conversations between Knight and WWE have indeed been taking place, and a five year deal was offered to the star. However, WWE sources say that the two sides are far apart when it comes to money, and that a new deal has not only not been signed, but does not appear to be imminent. Fightful notes that negotiations will continue.

One high-level WWE source also refuted the notion that Knight’s renewed push was due to his new contract, pointing out that multiple stars have contracts set to expire next year and are still receiving pushes in the company. LA Knight’s current contract runs through 2025, meaning he has over a year and a half left before it expires.