WWE Wants SmackDown Newcomer Involved With Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio WWE

Rey Mysterio was recently turned on by Santos Escobar but he could have another friend in waiting that will come to his aid.

Santos Escobar cruelly turned on Rey Mysterio after Escobar was accused by fellow LWO member Carlito of being the reason Mysterio lost the US Title to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel.

Escobar then turned his back on the rest of the LWO which has led to a huge grudge match at Survivor Series that will see Escobar go one-on-one with Carlito. But Mysterio and the LWO might have one more friend to call on.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the feud between Mysterio and Escobar could see Dragon Lee get involved with the idea being that the WWE Hall of Famer will endorse the SmackDown newcomer as a future major star:

Dragon Lee’s in a program that’s coming up that’s designed for him to become essentially something with Rey. Not against Rey. The idea is for Rey to endorse this guy as the future.

Rey Mysterio Out Of Action In WWE

The attack by Santos Escobar was designed to write Rey Mysterio off television for several weeks as he underwent knee surgery. Rey Mysterio is not expected to be back in a WWE ring until 2024 which is why Dragon Lee could come into play.

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