WWE Roster Skeptical About CM Punk’s Friendliness

CM Punk

CM Punk made his return to WWE Raw for the first time since 2014 and it seems he was on his best behaviour behind the scenes.

CM Punk shocked the world at Survivor Series when he made his return to WWE after walking out on the company in January 2014.

Since then Punk has embarked on a short-lived career in UFC and spent two ill-fated years in AEW. CM Punk was lauded as a hero when he returned to wrestling in Tony Khan’s company in August 2021 but things had turned sour just two years later. CM Punk was fired by Tony Khan from AEW following Punk’s part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In; not Punk’s first in the company.

CM Punk Comes Home On WWE Raw

On Raw in Nashville, CM Punk returned to Monday Night Raw and told fans that he truly felt like he had come home. He noted that he had been met with a universally positive reaction before correcting himself to note that almost everyone was pleased to see him, possibly hinting at Seth Rollins’ angry response to his Survivor Series appearance.

PWTorch has reported that Punk’s words in the ring were very much mirrored backstage with Punk said to be in a good mood, humble, and trying to approach everyone. One WWE star is quoted as saying that Punk “kinda knew he had to be” considering all the water under the bridge that has flowed between Punk and WWE during his time away.

Another wrestler was quoted as saying “He seemed humbled, seemed pretty positive all around, but we’ll see in a couple of months if it sticks.” One WWE star admitted being skeptical if Punk’s positive outlook would stick and estimated about half of the roster feels the same. Time will tell if things have changed enough for Punk to be able to ultimately end his career on his own terms in a positive way.