Backstage WWE Reaction To John Cena’s Raw Return

john cena wwe raw

John Cena made his return on WWE Monday Night Raw and it was something that many people within WWE were happy about.

The highly-anticipated return of John Cena to WWE Monday Night Raw took place this past Monday in Boston. When his music hit and he appeared in front of the crowd, Cena looked very emotional. Cena would later tweet that he was emotional because he “had the thought that it might be the last time.”

After John Cena made his way to the ring, he was greeted in the ring by the confident US Champion Austin Theory, who made no secret about wanting to get in Cena’s face while on Raw.

Cena and Theory would go on to have a verbal exchange that most would say Cena “won” because he trashed Theory throughout the segment. Cena was trying to tell his younger rival that he wasn’t ready for this while Theory, who idolized Cena growing up, let John know he would definitely be ready for it.

Eventually, Cena and Theory agreed to a WrestleMania 39 match on April 1st and April 2nd for Theory’s US Title, which was the first title that Cena won in his WWE career way back in 2004.

It was reported by Fightful Select that people in WWE were happy with Cena’s appearances on Raw because it added some familiar eyes to the show.

While the Cena-Theory match is set for WrestleMania 39, it’s unknown when Cena may appear on WWE TV again before WrestleMania since he’s filming a movie called Grand Death Lotto now.

In other John Cena news, the WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon was backstage at Raw this week for the first time since last July. Reports were that Vince was there to see his buddy, but some people believe he was there mainly to show off his new Gomez Addams mustache.