Vince McMahon Described As Resembling Gomez Addams At Raw

Vince McMahon Gomez Addams

Vince McMahon caused something of a sensation by attending Monday Night Raw in Boston but those that saw him were more taken with his drastically different appearance.

Rumours that McMahon’s influence in the company has been slowly growing have come to the fore since he returned to WWE’s Board of Directors at the beginning of 2023. There were even suggestions that McMahon “pushed through” plans for a WrestleMania match that not many saw coming.

While many are wondering what Vince McMahon’s appearance means for the future with some in the company believing that he’s “testing the waters” before a more permanent return, many more are wondering just what does McMahon’s upper lip look like.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful first reported that McMahon was now sporting a mustache described as “creepy,” now Fightful Select has more information on that huge news.

McMahon is said to have turned up to Raw with “dyed hair and a small mustache.” The facial hair was then said to be described by several talent as resembling that of Gomez Addams of The Addams Family fame. A WWE source that is said to have known Vince McMahon for over two decades described McMahon’s appearance as “more drastic and a shock than him getting his head shaved.” McMahon famously had his head shaved after losing the Battle of the Billionaires contest at WrestleMania 23 against Donald Trump.

So far, no confirmed pictures of McMahon looking all together ooky have come to light with those seen so far on social media being debunked as fakes.