WWE Raw Star Thinks The Roster Needs To “Start Eating Some Sandwiches”

Bronson Reed WWE

Bronson Reed wants bigger competition, literally.

Fans of big meaty men slapping meat got their wish on the September 25th episode of Raw as super heavyweights Reed and Otis clashed in the opening match. Both men displayed their power and agility before the former North American Champion picked up the victory after hitting a Tsunami onto the Alpha Academy member.

Speaking with Byron Saxton after the match, Reed declared that he is the best big man on the roster and that anyone the same size as him or bigger should try and prove otherwise:

“I’ve said it time and time again. I am the best super heavyweight in this business. Tonight, after demolishing Otis in that ring, it proves my point. I challenge anyone over 330 pounds to get in that ring with me,”

Reed then mocked the lack of size of the locker room and gave a bulking tip to anyone who is looking to gain some size:

“You know what, Byron? I think some of the boys backstage need to start eating some sandwiches. No one’s in contention for the big guy. You know what? Maybe you could eat a little sandwich as well. Beef up,”

Who Could Challenge Bronson Reed in WWE?

While WWE was once the land of giants with the likes of Big Show, Mark Henry and Rikishi in The Attitude Era, there are few Superstars on the current roster that are able to accept Reed’s giant challenge as the only Superstars that fit the requirements are Otis, Omos and Braun Strowman.

If Reed is looking for a challenge from a giant then he may be careful what he wishes for as The Great Khali has teased that he has one more match left in him.

H/t to Fightful.