Bronson Reed Mentions A Unique Goal He’s Trying To Reach In WWE

Bronson Reed

Whilst it’s usually championship gold which is the sole aim for a wrestler, Bronson Reed has a very different goal in mind.

Bronson Reed was away from WWE for just over a year following his release in August 2021. He was brought back to the company in December 2022 following a highly successful stint in NJPW under the name Jonah.

In his initial run Reed held the NXT North American Championship. Whilst a new title would no doubt be on his wishlist, he has more comfortable travel as one of his top goals in WWE.

In a discussion on The Footy with Broden Kelly, Bronson Reed discussed how he doesn’t think he’s too far away from being flown everywhere first class, which would take away the dread of travel for him.

I hate them very much. Every week is existential dread of my life, getting onto a plane. I’m working my way up at the moment, up the ladder. Hopefully, soon enough I’ll be getting flown around first class. That’s the goal. I don’t think I’m too far away from it, not to pat myself on the back or anything. Hopefully, by year’s end, I’ll be a first-class status sort of guy.

Following his return, Bronson Reed admitted he reached out to Triple H to see if coming back to WWE would be a possibility.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.