WWE Raw Star Has Bizarre New Name

WWE Raw Set

After going through the customary shortening of his name when he joined WWE’s main roster, Raw star Otis has been known by that name in some fashion in the company since 2016 but now it has taken another – more unusual – tweak.

Chad Gable recruited Otis to be the first member of his Alpha Academy after he cut short his run as the much-maligned Shorty G. The team’s biggest success came in January 2022 when they unseated Randy Orton and Matt Riddle for the Raw Tag Team Championship, holding that title for just two months.

On WWE Raw, Otis has been the object of the Maximum Male Models’ affection as they look to recruit him and a report suggested this could trigger a split in the group with Gable and Otis going in very different directions.

Now it seems like that could be happening as Otis has altered his name on social media to give it a twist in line with the Maximum Male Models. Mace and Mansoor became ma.çé (mah-say) and mån.sôör (man-swah) respectively when they joined the group and now Otis has changed his name to Otìsè.

The commentary team on WWE Raw and Maxxine Dupri have been using the presumed new spelling to refer to the star as he has been called “oh-teece” as Dupri’s group looks to make him a fully-fledged model. It remains to be seen if WWE officially recognises the name change.