WWE Producer Defends The Rock Following Recent Criticism

The Rock WWE

The Rock isn’t taking anyone’s spot according to one veteran.

After briefly flirting with a return in late 2023 and January 2024, The Rock essentially became a full-time WWE Superstar in February. The run saw him return to the ring, turn heel, and earn praise across the board for his commitment to the WWE cause.

However, there were some suggestions of unrest among fans and other Superstars as Rock swooped into a prominent WrestleMania spot while taking up significant screen time.

Appearing on the Behind The Turnbuckle podcast, WWE producer Shane Helms dismissed this notion, saying that it’s all “part of the game.”

“Well, first of all, The Rock ain’t taking nobody’s spot. The Rock’s spot is solidified. If he wants to show up, that’s his spot. That’s just how it’s gonna be, and people have to recognize that. That’s the same in any form of entertainment.

You go to a comedy club. If Dave Chappelle shows up, somebody might get bumped. That’s just how it’s gonna be. That’s just how it is. When you got the level…stars have gravity. That’s why they’re stars. Nice little metaphor there. And when you got the kinda gravity that The Rock has, that’s gonna bring in these outside eyes and attention that he brings in, man. That’s just part of the game and you gotta learn to accept that.

As far as Rock being a heel, I loved it. It was something that I was kind of hoping for anyway.”

The Rock Planning WWE Return

Although he’s headed back to Hollywood, The Rock has all but confirmed he’ll return to WWE before long. In a post on social media, the star paid tribute to Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins for their hard work in recent months, before adding he’s got his sights set on WrestleMania 41.

It’s been reported that The Rock could face Cody Rhodes at the spectacular, after deciding against meeting Reigns.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co