The Rock Appears On WWE SmackDown, Confronts Roman Reigns

the rock roman reigns wwe smackdown

The Rock made a shocking appearance on WWE SmackDown and did so to get right in the face of Roman Reigns.

For the second time in 2024, The Rock appeared unannounced on WWE television. The Rock made an appearance on the January 1st “Day 1” edition of Raw and teased a future showdown with the “Head of the Table” Roman Reigns.

On the first Smackdown episode following the Royal Rumble, The Rock appeared at the end of the night for a huge staredown with his cousin, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

It started as a segment where Roman Reigns trashed Seth Rollins for thinking that his World Heavyweight Championship was better than the Undisputed WWE Universal Title held by Reigns. Reigns talked about how he has beaten everybody competing for that title that Rollins has. Reigns said that we should call that the Loser’s Bracket Title.

When addressing Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes, Reigns said Cody could be the best number two in this industry or he could take a crack at number one again/

Cody Rhodes spoke to Reigns about how he has talked to a lot of people about what he should do. Cody said that he had Reigns beaten last year and Reigns knew it. Cody spoke about how Seth Rollins made some great points, but then he called that (Roman’s Title) the Hollywood Title. Cody said that’s the title that Bruno Sammartino held and that’s the title that his father once held before it was taken away.

While pointing at the Undisputed WWE Universal Title held by Reigns, Cody said he still wants that title. Cody spoke about finishing the story while saying that Reigns claims that we all belong to Reigns and this is Roman’s show. Cody wondered if finishing the story is taking that championship from Reigns or is it taking everything from Reigns?

At that point, Cody made it abundantly clear saying that he wants that title held by Reigns. Cody said that he wants that title and he is coming for Roman Reigns, but not at WrestleMania. Cody spoke about how he took council. Cody said that one of the individuals that he talked to – he knows Roman Reigns very well. That led to The Rock’s surprising entrance.

What Did The Rock Do To Roman Reigns?

After receiving a huge ovation from the crowd, The Rock and Cody Rhodes shook hands in the ring. The Rock brought Cody in close for a hug and said something into his right ear. Cody left the ring.

The Rock turned around and faced his cousin Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman spoke to Reigns, who put the Undisputed WWE Universal Title on his left shoulder. There were loud “Rocky” chants as Rock stared at Reigns from across the ring.

While The Rock was standing across the ring the camera shot this from behind The Rock while he was staring at Reigns and also getting the giant WrestleMania 40 sign in the picture as well. The fans chanted “this is awesome” as Rock and Reigns walked toward each other. The Rock had a staredown with Reigns.

A graphic was shown saying that this Thursday night on Peacock and WWE digital channels, there will be a Press Event in Las Vegas. That could be where WWE announces the Reigns-Rock match.

It’s important to note that Cody Rhodes never said what title he was challenging for or when. Also, the Reigns/Rock match isn’t official yet even though it’s expected by many people at this point.