WWE Planning Ricochet’s Final Appearance

wwe ricochet

The end of Ricochet’s WWE career is coming soon as the company sets to move on from the departing superstar.

It was reported in recent days that former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet was set to leave WWE due to his contract expiring and choosing not to sign a contract extension.

There was an initial report by PWInsider which was backed up by Fightful. While the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer wasn’t as sure, he did come out to say that he thought Ricochet’s WWE exit would be imminent.

The June 10th edition of WWE Raw takes place in Toledo, Ohio and it’s being reported by PWInsider Elite that Ricochet will be making his final appearance on Raw tonight. It was added that he has no additional dates scheduled with the company. While perhaps Ricochet could change his mind, it appears as though he is gone on Raw tonight.

In recent weeks, Ricochet has been involved in a storyline with Raw newcomer Bron Breakker. While Ilja Dragunov has tried to help the high-flier in dealing with the former NXT Champion Breakker, it hasn’t worked. Based on the storyline, it’s possible that WWE could use Breakker to take out the former Intercontinental Champion.

One of the big matches announced for Raw in Toledo will see Breakker face Dragunov in singles action.

As most WWE fans know, Ricochet is engaged to Raw ring announcer Samantha Irvin. While fans might worry that she will leave the company as well, PWInsider reports that she has a deal that’s different from Ricochet and she will likely be remaining with the company.

Can Ricochet Use That Name Outside Of WWE?

Regarding his wrestling name, Ricochet owns the name that he used before joining the company in 2018. That means he can use the name again in the future.

There have already been reports linking to Ricochet possibly signing with AEW when he’s free. Will Ospreay, who is AEW’s International Champion, has commented recently that Ricochet was being used poorly by WWE. If the two men are in the same company, they’ll likely have a very athletic match as they have done in the past.