WWE Star Could Be Written Off TV Imminently Before Exit

Triple H WWE

A popular WWE star could be gone from television by the end of Monday Night Raw.

On June 8th it was reported that Ricochet is planning to leave WWE when his contract expires, and he’d informed the company of his decision. While there were briefly conflicting reports on the situation, the general consensus is now that Ricochet will leave the sports entertainment giant when his contract expires.

As such Ricochet is expected to be written off television, and it seems that might happen sooner rather than later.

Reporting on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer suggested Ricochet could make his last appearance on the June 10th episode of Raw.

“He’s leaving most likely. It’s not like ‘official’ official.

(Sunday) morning, it was he was up in the air, not signed the contract, WWE had been kind of I guess (working) with the idea he was leaving.

They did have ideas for him in case he stayed. They may write him out on TV this week. But I was told (Sunday) afternoon that he did in fact make his decision. But what his decision is, that I don’t know. But I think most people have him leaving. I think that’s the safest best of the two, I can’t say 100%.

In the words that I said to Garrett the other day on this subject, he is going where he expects to be the happiest.”

Ricochet Warned About Leaving WWE

Many fans and observers expect Ricochet to land in AEW, but one former rival has already warned that he won’t be taking things easy if he does. Following the news that Ricochet could be leaving WWE, Swerve Strickland took to social media to warn “U come here I’m giving u hell.”

The AEW World Champion and Ricochet have a lengthy history dating back to their time on the independent scene. The pair have clashed for several promotions and shared a locker room, but not the ring, while with Lucha Underground.

H/t to Wrestle Talk