WWE NXT Aiming To Show “Why AEW Has A Long Way To Go”

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WWE have every intention of proving that they are the worldwide leader in sports entertainment on October 10th.

The head-to-head battle between NXT and AEW has been the talk of the wrestling world ever since it was announced that Dynamite had been moved to Tuesday night for one week as a result of the MLB playoffs. With both shows running unopposed for over a year, this is a different battle from the last time the two sides fought for ratings in the Wednesday Night Wars.

As reported by Haus of Wrestling, higher-ups in WWE are looking to send a message to Tony Khan with their broadcast that features multiple stars from the main roster. One excited executive stated that the upcoming show will be “a very clear example of how and why WWE is WWE, and why AEW has a long way to go.” It is also noted that All Elite Wrestling may have incorrectly thought that they were the number one promotion after consistently beating WWE’s third brand week on week.

With NXT now firmly on the rise in show quality and ratings, the brand is on the verge of experiencing a new boom following Shawn Michaels being firmly in control of the show directive. Another quote from the company higher-up believes that with morale on the brand at an all-time high, Tony Khan “poked the wrong ones at the wrong time.” It was also discussed that the ratings war happens to take place on Tony Khan’s birthday and “NXT is fine spoiling his party.”

What Are WWE And AEW Offering The Fans?

Each promotion has pretty much played its best possible hand in an attempt to drive wrestling fans to each of their respective shows. Both shows have promised the first 30 minutes to be commercial-free and each will have an overrun to make sure that none of the action has been missed.

On NXT, appearances by John Cena, Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes, The Brawling Brutes and Asuka have all been advertised and there have even been rumours that The Undertaker may make a very rare appearance on weekly programming.

Dynamite looks to get a head start on the competition by announcing a buy-in that will take place 30 minutes before each show goes live on the air, which will feature Eddie Kingston vs. Minoru Suzuki. Other matches announced include 2 title matches and the in-ring debut of Adam Copeland.