Adam Copeland Thinks Luchasaurus Is “Money”

Luchasaurus and Christian Cage

Ahead of his first AEW match, Adam Copeland has given praise to his opponent and how much he can do in the wrestling business.

In a business full of badly kept secrets, Adam Copeland finally showed up in AEW at the end of WrestleDream, confronting former friend and partner Christian Cage. This has led to multiple confrontations between the pair, and Cage’s sidekick Luchasaurus will now be the former Edge’s first opponent in the company.

In a discussion with The Ringer’s Masked Man Show, Adam Copeland talked about how he feels Luchasaurus is money and will have been learning a lot lately.

It’s to further the story. This is the next step to get us to where we want to go for that first tentpole and then beyond that. Also, to get in there with a guy who I have watched and always thought is money, just needed the seasoning. He’s been getting that seasoning by sitting at the hand of Christian. There is no way you’re not going to learn. It just going to happen, even if you don’t ask questions, which he does.

Copeland Will Be “Adjusting” To AEW

Continuing on, Adam Copeland discussed how he’ll be using the match to adjust to the AEW ring, and how although he has more experience there can be comparisons drawn to his independent wrestling debut.

I’m looking forward to getting in there and being like, ‘Here we go. First one, we’re in, I’ve now wrestled in a AEW ring,’ because it is a little different and there is an adjustment there. That’s really what I’ll be doing, adjusting. It’s all brand new. I don’t want to say I feel like a rookie again because I have more experience than I did back then, but there are elements to that. New ring, new audience, new barricades, new set ups. It’s also really exciting.

Adam Copeland’s inaugural AEW contest will take place on a special Title Tuesday episode, meaning it will go up against NXT, something which he doesn’t feel will be a problem.

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