WWE Not Behind Recent “Female Enhancement” In The Company

Vince McMahon WWE

Questions have been asked after WWE stars appear to have made some changes.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez answered a question from a fan who asked on the back of a notable social media post from NXT star Cora Jade which got a lot of attention online if WWE was encouraging its female stars to have cosmetic work done:

“People are asking about female enhancement in WWE because there have been two of late in the last couple of months. And to the best of my knowledge, there is no WWE directive that women need to get work done on themselves. That is their choice.”

WWE more diverse than ever when it comes to body types

Alvarez then explained that there seemed to be a time when cosmetic changes were encouraged by the company even if that wasn’t explicitly said:

“There was a period in WWE history where it was pretty much, you know, they wanted to make it very clear (that women should have work done) but nowadays there’s a lot less of that. And especially now that Vince (McMahon) is recovering, I mean, if you watch Raw and SmackDown and you will see all sorts of different body types, different heights, different weights.

“This is probably the period in history when we’ve seen the most different kinds of looks getting pushes than we’ve ever had. Obviously Triple H is a bodybuilder, I mean, he’s still gonna wanna see you being in shape and things like that but if you’re over he will push you and that’s very different from some other people.”

Cora Jade has not been seen on television since the 25th of July edition of NXT where she lost a Kendo Stick match to Dana Brooke.

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