WWE Legend Discusses Sting’s Retirement: “It’s Mixed Emotions”

December 2nd - On This Day In Wrestling History Sting in AEW

One WWE veteran hopes Sting stays with AEW despite his impending retirement.

At AEW Revolution 2024, Sting will step into the ring one last time as an active competitor. The legend’s career began all the way back in 1985 and has seen the star become one of the most beloved stars in the history of the industry.

With that said, wrestling retirements are notoriously flimsy, with the likes of Ric Flair, Mick Foley, and Terry Funk turning the comeback for “one more match” into an art form.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T, who worked with Sting in WCW, said the star’s impending retirement brings “mixed emotions.”

“I’m glad for him. I’m glad he’s finally gonna hang it up and be able to move on to what’s next. At 65 by then, that’s like senior citizen, AARP stuff, man, grandpa like stuff. So I don’t know, man. It’s mixed emotions.

I think his retiring is gonna be great, but I think it’s something honestly that’s well overdue. To have done this thing your whole life, then when you walk away from it, it’s hard to walk. I’ll tell you right now, he might not want to retire. He might want to say, I ain’t gonna say I’m ever gonna retire.

I might just want to leave the business. But retire though, I wouldn’t say that. Because I’m gonna tell you right now, sitting at home, becoming an old man, receding, [laughs] it can get lonely. I say stay in the ring, Sting. Don’t retire. Don’t quit [laughs], don’t ever quit. That’s what wrestlers do. That’s me, that’s my opinion,”

Despite stepping away from the ring as a competitor, Booker urged Sting to remain involved with AEW.

“I’m just saying, I wouldn’t retire if I was you, Sting. I’d stay in the ring forever. Take bumps, fly off of stuff [laughs]. Sting, I’m just saying, I love Sting. He’s got a hell of a career. I feel like if stopped doing this, that’s when the light could really go dim. I say keep that door open. Make appearances, even if you don’t wrestle. Keep that door open. Keep that check coming in from Tony Khan for the next ten years,”

Sting To Recieve Historic Gift On AEW Dynamite

It’s been announced that Tony Khan will present Sting with a special gift on the October 25th episode of Dynamite. Appearing on AEW Control Center, announcer Tony Schiavone said Khan’s gift would be “historic.”

Schiavone added that something like this had never happened to a wrestler before.

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