WWE Legend Dismisses Contrived CM Punk Comments

CM Punk

A WWE Hall of Famer didn’t think too highly of CM Punk’s big return to Raw.

After shocking fans at Survivor Series by walking out on a WWE Premium Live Event for the first time in almost a decade, CM Punk headed to Raw on November 27th.

Given Punk’s usually outspoken persona fans were expecting fireworks when the Chicago native grabbed the microphone, but for many the main segment fell flat. Punk said he was happy to be home, very much steering clear of any controversy. The most barbed comment came when he said down the camera he wasn’t there to make friends, only to make money.

Speaking on Kliq This, Kevin Nash gave his thoughts on Punk’s promo, highlighting that the star seemingly borrowed from his and Scott Hall’s comments when they moved to WCW in 1996.

“I thought the glad-handing on the way to the ring was not him. For somebody that was so ‘pipe bomb,’ it felt very contrived. At the end, it was like, ‘Oh shit, I better slip this in so I have some credibility.’ [Quoting Punk], ‘I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.’ I’ve heard that before,”

It’s since been reported that CM Punk is legally unable to discuss his firing from AEW.

Booker T Supportive Of CM Punk Promo

While Kevin Nash might not have been especially impressed, Booker T felt CM Punk’s promo was “heartfelt.” The former WCW star added that the promo wasn’t his greatest by any stretch, but it was from the heart and helped him get comfortable again in front of a WWE audience almost a decade after leaving in acrimonious circumstances.

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