WWE Hall Of Famer Believes CM Punk’s Raw Promo Was Heartfelt

CM Punk

When CM Punk declared that he was “home” in WWE, Hall of Famer Booker T felt like those were heartfelt words.

The return of CM Punk at WWE Survivor Series in Chicago shocked some people watching the show while others assumed he would be back following a backstage fight in AEW that led to the company choosing to fire him.

In the main event of Raw after Survivor Series in Nashville, CM Punk did a promo talking about how he received a lot of hugs from people backstage who were happy to see him while noting that not everybody felt that way.

CM Punk also declared that “I’m home” in WWE since he worked for the company from 2006 until his exit in early 2014 when he was frustrated with a lot of things about working there.

During his WWE career, CM Punk was one of the most popular wrestlers in the company while also being one of the top villains as well. Punk was a five-time WWE World Champion who also had a memorable 434-day reign as WWE Champion that started at Survivor Series 2011 and ended at the 2013 Royal Rumble against The Rock.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and current NXT announcer Booker T explained why Punk’s words felt genuine.

“I said [his return promo in AEW] wasn’t the best promo I ever saw, it could have had more substance to it, and a lot of people gave me backlash because I said that, because I didn’t say ‘it was the greatest promo in the world. It was a pipebomb!’”

“In this promo on Monday night, it was a heartfelt promo, that’s what I think. At points in time, CM Punk got caught in the moment a little bit, he almost got choked up a little bit.”

Booker Thinks CM Punk Was Speaking From The Heart On WWE Raw

As he continued, Booker spoke about his own experience of leaving a company and coming back. Booker T did that in his 40s just like CM Punk since he left WWE for TNA and came back to WWE.

“I know this, when you leave a company and come back, you wonder how the fans are going to treat you. You wonder if they’re going to boo you out of the building. You just don’t know.”

“For CM Punk, the way he left, very polarizing, and then to come back. Even in Chicago, he might have had that feeling wondering, ‘How is it going to be?’ For CM Punk to come out, not having that comfort zone (on Monday) of being in Chicago, wondering, ‘How are they going to react?’ Then, they give him the ultimate pop. That does something to you.”

“This promo that he cut, it felt like a heartfelt promo. Seemed like he was speaking from the heart. It seemed like he had some notes written, but sometimes you forget the script and just go with the heart. For me, it wasn’t the greatest ‘promo promo’ as far as ‘I’m going to whoop everyone’s ass in the locker room’ promo, which is what I’m looking for a lot of times. It was not that.”

Up next for CM Punk is an appearance on the December 8th edition of Smackdown, which is the annual Tribute to the Troops show as well.

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