CM Punk Legally Unable To Discuss AEW Exit

CM Punk

CM Punk won’t be discussing AEW at least for the time being.

To say that CM Punk’s departure from AEW was explosive would be a spectacular understatement. After yet another backstage confrontation, this time with Jack Perry with Tony Khan also dragged in, Punk was fired.

Punk’s firing sparked speculation he could head back to WWE, and incredibly that’s exactly what happened. The star appeared at Survivor Series to make his big comeback, before also cutting a promo on Raw. However, some felt Punk’s promo was a little underwhelming, and it came and went without mention of AEW.

Reporting in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that Punk and others have signed “several” NDAs meaning he can’t publicly discuss AEW.

“For those wondering or disappointed that Punk said nothing about AEW, it’s because both he and others have signed several NDA’s regarding talking publicly about the other.”

Tony Khan Stays Quiet On CM Punk

The report falls in line with recent comments from Tony Khan who said he was unable to discuss CM Punk. When asked about his former World Champion leaving AEW and joining WWE, Khan said he couldn’t comment on the situation, even if he wanted to.

Despite this, in a later interview, Tony Khan praised CM Punk for his contributions to AEW.