Tony Khan Praises CM Punk For Contribution To AEW

Tony Khan (left) and CM Punk (right)

Tony Khan has given his thoughts on CM Punk’s time in AEW.

In August 2021, CM Punk returned to wrestling for the first time in seven years, and he made that return with AEW. Punk’s big comeback on the second-ever episode of Rampage was dubbed “The First Dance” and delivered the highest rating in the show’s history.

Despite getting off to an incredible start, Punk’s time with AEW was mired in controversy, and backstage problems overwhelmed his contributions in the ring. The dust never really settled after his brawl with The Elite after All Out in 2022 and after a confrontation with Jack Perry and Tony Khan himself at All In less than a year later, Punk was fired.

The star has since gone on to return to WWE.

Speaking in an interview with the New York Post, Khan reflected on Punk’s role in some of AEW’s biggest nights.

“The First Dance was an incredible moment in wrestling and was part of a very important time in AEW.

All Out 2021, along with All In, are our biggest pay-per-views of all time and we’ve had a lot of great success as a company as a team and in some of the most exciting times, CM Punk has been a big part of that team.”

Tony Khan has previously declined to comment on CM Punk and his move to WWE.

CM Punk Name-Dropped On AEW Dynamite

On the November 29th episode of Dynamite, CM Punk was given a rare mention on AEW television. During a promo where World Champion MJF addressed new challenger Samoa Joe, he ran down a list of stars he’s already defeated, including Punk and Cody Rhodes.

MJF is due to defend his World Title against Samoa Joe at Worlds End on December 30th.