WWE Hall Of Famer Accuses Trish Stratus Of Ghosting Them

Trish Stratus

WWE Hall of Famer Madusa has continued her one-sided war of words with Trish Stratus as she accuses the WWE star of ghosting her.

Madusa recently launched a staggering attack on Trish Stratus, accusing the Canadian star of undoing her hard work and setting women’s wrestling back.

Speaking on the aptly named Trash Talk, the verbal assault continued as Madusa did everything she could to get the attention of Trish Stratus and even accused the star of stealing her moves:

“On the whole Trish thing, I even sent her a DM and I said, ‘Hey, do you want to settle this? Do you? I think you and I need to have an adult conversation. And say maybe let the people know the truth.’

“After I was kind of looking before I sent her her DM. I was looking at some of her matches back then. I mean, she took some good bumps for people and stuff, but I think she was. I mean, thank god she was trained by Fit Finlay, but I think she was only shown a few moves and, because of the time, not on fits, you know, not by any fits fault. But Trish only had a few moves then I think she actually had to look at some women’s wrestling before her, which was me, and she copied a few of my moves.

“And one of them moves is when she has the opponent in the corner turnbuckle and they’re sitting on the turnbuckle, and then she runs up and she does a handstand with her feet, her legs come up to their head and then she springs them out.

“I’m like, ‘I was doing that years ahead of time.’ But again, she never asked if she, you know, ‘Hey, it’d be an honor to do your move. Or, you know, maybe I can do this as a finish.’ And no, nothing like that like most women do, or I’ve been asked or on the DM and ‘can I have your blessing? Can I do this as a finish, or can I do this move?’ Absolutely. Kind of cool. Not saying that they have to, but I just think it’s cool.”

Madusa then added that she had heard back from Trish Stratus before apparently being “ghosted” by the star:

“I don’t know, send her a DM. And I finally heard back. She says, ‘Hell yeah.’ I haven’t heard from her since, you know, and that’s it. I heard from other girls. That’s a typical Trish. She likes to ghost people, and what’s ever benefited her. And so I said, you know what, I’ll take this in my own matter. And I just reached out to WWE and gave them a little pitch, and they love it. So, you never know. Why did they always try to steal my sh*t? I don’t know.”

Trish Stratus will have bigger things to worry about at Night of Champions on May 27th when she goes one-on-one with Becky Lynch.