WWE Hall Of Famer Blames Trish Stratus For “Setting Back” Women’s Wrestling

Trish Stratus WWE

Trish Stratus is widely lauded as a pioneer of women’s wrestling but according to Alundra Blayze, Stratus is responsible for setting back all her hard work.

Stratus broke into WWE back at a time when women’s wrestling wasn’t taken anywhere near as seriously as it is today. However through the work of the likes of Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Victoria, Molly Holly, and Ivory that tide started to turn before things slipped backward in the “divas era.”

Taking to social media, Alundra Blayze – who held the WWE Women’s Title in the mid-nineties has slammed Trish Stratus for allowing that slip back to the “divas era” to happen:

“Trish has set the women back and turned them into a sideshow after all the work I did to get the women respected and legitimize them as the superstars that they are.

“Do you really think I literally threw that title in the trash without a plan of longevity and meaning?

“Trish brought in the blueprint that WWE used for decades that had to be UNDONE by the women who were inspired by men and the women that came before her. Trish made room for the Bella Twins and others, but I built a foundation for the 4 Horsewomen.”

For context, Alundra Blayze – then known as Madusa – threw the WWE Women’s Title belt in the trash live on Nitro in December 1995 and three months after that she part of a man vs. woman feud with Col. Robert Parker which saw Parker defeat her at Uncensored 1996.