Lita Comments On What WrestleMania 39 Experience Was Like

Lita Trish Stratus Becky Lynch

Having picked up another victory at ‘The Showcase Of The Immortals’, Lita has looked back on some of the factors which made it so memorable.

Ahead of WrestleMania 39, Lita not only made a surprise return to WWE but picked up the Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside Becky Lynch. However, confrontations with Damage CTRL led to Trish Stratus getting physically involved, and they all ended up competing in a tag match at the big event.

Circumstances may have changed around the trio now after losing the titles and Stratus attacking Lynch, however Lita has looked back fondly at her most recent WrestleMania moment.

In a discussion with Dean Muhtadi of TMZ Sports, Lita has reflected on making sure she took everything in during her entrance.

I had no aspirations, no idea that I would be at WrestleMania 39, so just walking down the stage and everything, it was really surreal, and to do it with two people that I’m so close to, or were close to, it was really fun.

I remember saying to them before we went out, ‘Hey, it’s a really long ramp, and I know we’re mad at Damage CTRL and we got business to take care of, but for the first half, can we just have fun and take it in, and then we can serious?’ They were like, ‘Okay.’ I feel like only I did that, though. I’m walking down like, ‘Oh, hell yeah, this is rad,’ and they’re like, ‘We’re gonna kick your ass.

Continuing on, Lita discussed why this WrestleMania was the favorite she’s been involved in.

I would put it at the top, and here’s why. With age comes perspective, and I just feel like I could really be in the moment and soak it in, and just be really appreciative to be there, and to have done it when I wasn’t looking for it, it was able to give me this really in-the-moment sense of appreciation.

In a way, I was a fan in the stadium, but I just happened to be walking down the ramp, so I was able to feel in the moment. Not that many of my other Mania moments weren’t important, but I feel like I kinda got lost in them because I was worried about the next thing or… I was just out of body and able to soak this one in.

Lita was attacked backstage on the 10th April 2023 edition of Monday Night RAW, with Trish Stratus eventually revealing herself as the assailant. At this time, there’s no official confirmation of a return to WWE for Lita, although there have been some reports on her current status.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.